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We give you the power to manage your social media effortlessly with our agile team and cutting-edge technology.  C180 also manages your social media fully. We will create custom content for you, schedule your posts, monitor your social media, and respond to your followers.  
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Custom-tailored content for increased engagement. ——

Our team is dedicated to creating unique and engaging content for your social media. We can provide up to 60 highly engaging social media posts per month.

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Social Media Design

Eye-catching ——
content design.

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Don't miss
any posting day.

We create unique content and schedule posts for you, so you don't have to. 
We will help you: 

Maintain a unique and consistent content strategy.

Keep your followers always engaged.

Strengthen your brand with consistent posting.

Social medias

Services __

Our team of social media experts knows where to look and what to share on social media. We have a powerful social media strategy that will turn your followers into fans.


We will monitor your mentions on social media to identify and determine what people are saying about your brand. We note what is happening in your industry’s social space. Then, we help create a perfect social media strategy.


Reach a wider audience on all your social media platforms with perfectly targeted social media marketing. We will post up to 60 highly engaging posts on your social media and boost up to 8 of your posts for an additional $200.


With a perfect strategy for social media response, you can easily promote your brand goals. We help you feel authentic and courteous to your audience.


Visual content gets more engagement on social media. So, we have a team of experts ready to create highly engaging images that convey your core messages.


Branded content nurture leads perfectly. Get custom content that will prod your audience in the right direction.


Get an overview of your content before it is posted, be consistent with your posting, and keep your online community engaged even when busy with other business stuff.

Presence on 4+ Social Media Platforms in one place__

No more switching from one platform to the other. We have integrated with, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. We create custom content, custom-designed images, schedule posts, monitor your social media, and respond to posts on all these platforms. By keeping your content consistent, we help you establish authority and credibility on social media. We help you grow in audience engagement and reach.

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Your online success starts with a great social media strategy. We are a social media strategy agency dedicated to keeping you a step ahead of competition and at the cutting edge of the social media world.

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